DAdvers: Building a Decentralized Advertisements Ecosystem

Today’s conventional advertising industry is heavily centralized, giving authority to powerful gatekeepers to set guidelines for displaying or censoring ads.

These gatekeepers include big tech corporations like Google and Facebook, which control over half of the net digital ad revenue in the US alone. Not anymore. DAdvers introduces a decentralized ecosystem for publishing ads governed by the community. DAdvers cuts red tapes in the advertising industry and incentivizes the audience, community, and promoters to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for marketing products.

How DAdvers Works

Launched in March 2022 by the Paid Per Click (PPeC) foundation, DAdvers is a decentralized advertising platform built from the ground up on top of the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain. The blockchain-based ad protocol leverages exciting features of the fast-growing Avalanche blockchain, including high transaction throughput and optimal energy efficiency. Further, the protocol resolves a long-standing ad industry problem with the inefficiency of promotions and ad censorships. Here’s how DAdvers works:

1. Participants

Through DAdvers, promoters can advertise their products directly to the DAdvers platform. The DAdvers crypto-backed community is a one-stop shop for crypto fans to interact with projects from various promoters globally. The blockchain-powered platform distributes governing authority over PPeC to each member. Unlike the traditional ad system, DAdvers rewards fans or audiences on the platform for viewing ads from promoters.

2. Token

DAdvers integrates a native cryptocurrency, $PPeC, which serves as the protocol’s utility token. Holders of the ERC20 token access multiple benefits, including burning $PPeC tokens and claiming more rewards on the protocol. $PPeC’s supply falls over time. The token’s deflationary model makes it a good store of value for users.

3. Smart Ad Contract (SmAC)

Promoting on DAdvers is simple — just launch a Smart Ad Contract.

SmAC is a smart contract for advertising on DAdvers, that powers the win win win for all system or the W3LL (Whale) protocol. SmAC automatically enforces coded instructions when all predetermined conditions are met. Through SmAC, the promoter, audience, and community benefit from the ecosystem. Conventional advertising exploits audiences’ data while having a minimal value impact on promoters’ brands.

SmAC supports audience rewards using $PPeC tokens, while community members earn participation incentives on the network. Since community members get incentives to view ads, promoters also get more interactions for their advertised projects. This increased click through rate (CRT) translates to improved sales conversion from ads as audiences are inclined to like the products.

Why Choose DAdvers?

DAdvers is the first-ever decentralized ad platform. The protocol is built on the robust Avalanche blockchain, with features optimized for promoters, audiences, and the community to advertise their upcoming products and brands. DAdvers disrupts advertising as we know it today and will expand with the growing adoption of blockchain technology across multiple industries.

The DAdvers protocol is censorship-proof, and its community-run guidelines govern what ads may be listed or not. The protocol’s community members process and approve ads on the protocol, unlike centralized systems that may unreasonably censor other promoters.

Built on the highly-scalable Avalanche, operations on DAdvers are seamless, rapid, and fully decentralized. Also, $PPeC token holders can earn passive income by providing liquidity to $PPeC pools. What’s more, users can sell smart ads as NFTs and earn revenue for their creativity.

Learn More on DAdvers

DAdvers is growing, and to learn more about the project’s milestones, read the PPeC Documentation.

Join DAdvers today to get started promoting your product on DAdvers or earning your participant’s incentive.

Also, buy the $PPeC token and add it to your crypto portfolio to access more benefits on DAdvers.

Visit Paid Per Click’s website or connect to their socials on Twitter, GitHub, and Discord.




Decentralized Advertisements — Incentive-driven solutions to help projects’ growth at the blockchain speed.

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PPeC Foundation

Decentralized Advertisements — Incentive-driven solutions to help projects’ growth at the blockchain speed.

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